Henry R. Rathbone                                                                                               
Letter Signed

Henry R. Rathbone (1837 - 1911) Union Major; Was Present in President's Box at
Ford's Theater when Lincoln was Assassinated
A native of Albany, New York, Rathbone received three brevets for gallant and meritorious service during the Civil War.  On the night of April 14, 1865, he and his fiancée, Clara Harris, accompanied Abraham and Mary Lincoln to Ford's Theater and, in the struggle which ensued after John Wilkes Booth had shot President Lincoln, Rathbone received a severe knife wound to the left arm.  Forever haunted by the events of the Lincoln assassination, Rathbone murdered his wife, Clara, in 1883 and unsuccessfully attempted suicide.  Deemed insane at the subsequent murder trial, he spent the remainder of his life in an insane asylum in Germany.

Letter Signed, on imprinted 8" x 10" War Department stationery, sending records (not present) of Civil War recruitment quotas for the town of Mohawk, New York.

"Washington, D.C., October 5th 1869.  H. Dunckel, Esq., Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N.Y. Sir: Referring to your letter of Sept. 24 (ulto.), in which you requested a certified copy of so much of the records of this office as show the quota assigned to the town of Mohawk, Montgomery Co., N. Y., under the calls of March and July 1864, I have, in reply, to enclose herewith an extract from the records of this office, properly certified under the Seal of the War Department, containing the information desired.  I am, Sir, Very Respectfully, Your Obedient Servant, H. R. Rathbone, Bvt. Colonel U.S.A., In charge Enrollment Branch."

Excellent condition, with two horizontal folds.

Conservation framed with portrait.


Henry R. Rathbone

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Letter Signed

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