Cyrus W. Field

His large, bold, and dark signature on a greenish piece of stationery paper affixed to a backing.


Cyrus West Field (1819-1892) was the entrepreneur in charge of the first transatlantic telegraph cable project in 1858. He worked his way up from an office boy to a wealthy business man who was able to retire at age 40. Field began the difficult project of laying a telegraphic cable across the Atlantic Ocean in 1854. After many failed attempts, Field arranged in August 1858 for Queen Victoria to send the first transatlantic message to President James Buchanan, an event greeted with great popular acclaim. The cable broke after three weeks, but Field persevered over the next several years, finally obtaining additional financing and completing the project in 1866.

Conservation framed with an original, period engraving of Field also affixed to the same backing.



Cyrus W. Field

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